3 Common UI design mistakes

3 Common UI design mistakes

Just like I said last week, today I will talk about UI Design Mistakes and how to avoid them. Down below you can see the three most common mistakes and I will go into detail on how to avoid them. 

1 – Organizing the Text

Text is the most important element in informational content. Using properly formatted text helps the users and makes their experience with the app better. 

It is crucial to organize our Designs in the most comprehensible way possible: 

  • Different styles and variety of colors, fonts and text weight
  • To separate crucial information from the less important one use different sizes of texts (titles, subtitles, etc.)
  • Proper spacing
  • Separate informational blocks with large gaps. 

2 – Alignment Mistakes

Alignments make the design look clean and sharp. Aligning things gives out a sense of professionalism. 

Two crucial ways to organize your interface are a 12 column grid and a baseline grid. Although many designers believe grids restrict creativity, they are very helpful for beginners and those who aren’t confident with their designing skills yet. If you decide to use grids make sure to align elements on the same side to connect them visually

Here’s my top tip for alignment in UI design:

  • Don’t align related items to different sides. Always try to aligning related elements to the same side because it connects them visually.

3- Mixed Forms

Forms are extremely important. They are used in many different windows such as logins, sign-outs, settings, etc. It is very important to make them clear and concise. 

Here are the most important things about forms:

  • Give feedback on how something can be improved/corrected
  • Avoid using too much color to indicate an error 
  • Break long guidelines into shorter, logical segments
    • Use bars to help indicate the progress

If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to leave a comment down below.

Thank you for reading!