5 Common UI design mistakes

5 Common UI design mistakes

Even before I got into UI Designing I used to notice small details between apps that make designing better or worse. The fun in UI Design is just that, using apps you like and creating designs you like. To make your experience better, here are some things you should avoid:

1- Unresnsponsive Design

Customers need to enjoy the best features of your website on their small screens. Responsive design makes your website flexible and efficient across all of your users’ screen resolutions and devices. Before publishing the design check how it functions on different devices eg. computer, phone…

2- Pointless inconsistency in UI elements

To make your app sharp and concise be consistent with the font you use. It is not recommended to mix fonts. A consistent design can help you build a better relationship and trust with your customers. Another bonus for apps with consistent fonts is that they help your customers get around easier. 

Things to be consistent with

  •  use of colors for elements like text, links, header, footer, etc.
  •  font styles for titles, paragraphs, links, etc.
  • rounded or squared font, bold and “strong colors”

Note: all elements have to relate to the theme of your app.

3- Drop shadow 

  • Drop shadows are a nice touch, but make sure not to overdo them. 
  • Colors should be lighter and try to avoid black shadows.

4- Buttons 

The difference between the primary and secondary buttons should be visible and easily accessible. 

  • Different visuals for primary and secondary buttons. The primary button is a button with the strongest visual which is bound to get more attention.
  • Use strong colors, bold text, and large-sized fonts to give visual weight to primary buttons. 

For the secondary buttons use lighter colors and font size/boldness.

5- Iconography 

Icons are very important UI elements and therefore it is crucial to be careful when picking the right one.

  • SVG/vectors should be used for icons. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to make your icons look sharp on every device. 
  • Styles should be consistent: 
  • Use your icons to represent your app in the best way possible.

Next week I will continue talking and expanding on this topic. Until then I want to hear your opinion on Mistakes You Must Avoid While Designing. 

Thank you for reading.