Paper Sketches

Paper Sketches

Importance of Paper Sketches

Almost every project begins with a sketch or several sketches. As a person who likes the classic “pen and paper,” I believe that doing sketches is very important.

Here are my reasons why?

  1. There are absolutely no limitations

You can make your sketches big or small, erase and use as many sheets of paper until you get the right design.

Drawing and just moving the pen on paper makes your brain work and come up with new ideas and you might not even realize it. The main difference between sketching on paper and with software design tools is that picking the right shape, color, and other tools takes time and it draws the mind away from the main idea, which is coming up with the best sketch possible, of course. On paper, there are no restrictions.

2. Sketching on paper stimulates the brain

When you sketch on a paper your brain works better. More and better ideas come to your mind when drawing, which could lead to great sketches.

3. Sketches sometimes validate your idea

When you start working with software design tools many issues will already be solved by the sketches on paper and everything will run faster and smoother. 

Another thing that is very effective is sketching all ideas that come to your mind rather than just sketching on a project to project basis. 

Drawing and planning affect the part of our brain responsible for creativity and art which could potentially lead to greater ideas or designs.

Thank you for reading.

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