Typography is what brings the text to life, the art of arranging letters and text in a way that makes the copy readable, and friendly.  Typography includes font style, look, and structure.

Why is typography important?

  1. Typography gets the reader’s attention – The audience needs to understand what message you are trying to send and the best way in doing so is getting their attention through appealing typography
  2. It is user-friendly – Clean and easy to read font is the most important thing in any presentation. Using the appropriate size will be very appealing to the readers.
  3. Information hierarchy – The easiest way to portray information is through the use of different fonts. Larger font sizes for more important things (as well as brighter colors), and smaller font sizes for less important things. 

Different elements of typography are hierarchy, fonts, and typefaces, color, white space, consistency, alignment.

Next week I will expand on typography elements and their impact on designs.

Thank you for reading!

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