User Goal vs Business Goal

User Goals vs Business Goals

User goals are crucial in maintaining the businesses’ successes. The clients’ have to see that they are being provided with the right things and that they got what they expected when they hired you.

Business goals can often interfere with user goals, which can be hurtful for the business. An important thing to note is that the main goal of an app/design is to satisfy the user.

If the feedback is positive, and if the product is expanding it is important finding the right balance between the user’s and business’ goals.

For example, pop-ups can be very frustrating to users, and although they are profitable to the business, the users will be unsatisfied. 

It is very important to find the right balance between the two. Putting up respectful ads that will not affect the users’ experience is the best way of going about this issue. 

Remember, it is important that the clients are satisfied, and that they are treated like they expected to be when they first bought the product.

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