Communication between Designers & Developers

Communication and understanding between designers and developers is very important. 

Designers are specialized in making the app/project comprehensible for their users, while developers specialize in software and application building. 

The key thing to a successful partnership is knowing each other’s strengths and qualities. Once you are familiar with your partner, ideas and projects are easier to come to and complete. 

It is very important that the designer and developer are on the same page. Working on the same element at the same time is recommended so that both people can follow the work of the other. 

For any strong project, app, or design, a great partnership is needed. Having two artists, with different capabilities and interests working together as one is not often easy, but once they start working in harmony, great products can be made. 

“I like to work with devs, and as a designer, I think it’s essential to be able to communicate with devs when you’re designing.”

Phillipe Hong 

Thank you for reading!

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