Design Is A Job by Mike Monteiro

Mike Monteiro is the co-founder and design director of Mule Design. He prefers that designers have strong spines. Mike writes and speaks frequently about the craft, ethics, and business of design. 

Some of the designers I’ve met, including myself, didn’t plan to be in this profession, they just kind of landed here on their creative path. I’ve met UX designers that used to be architects, marketers, bartenders, and developers. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that design is a job; treat it that way


Design is a Job is a great resource for anyone wanting to get into design, or designers who want to understand how to treat design as a more serious career (not just something they enjoy doing).

Mike Monteiro “Whether you’re in client services, or a freelancer, working at a startup, or a big company, you’ll learn something from this workshop. The goal is to expand your view of your job as a designer to include not just your talent, but the business and communication aspects as well. It contains all the information about earning a living, selling design, and interacting with clients that your school should have taught you but didn’t.”

I highly recommend the book “Design Is A Job”.

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