Figma vs. Sketch


SKETCH- $99 for one year. Your subscription will also come with all updates available before and throughout the purchase. When the subscription expires, you can carry on using Sketch forever, but no new updates will be available (if you don’t renew the subscription).

FIGMA’s pricing plan: Strarter – free up to 2 editors and 3 projects. Professional – $12 per editor/month. Organization – $45 per editor/month.

Figma and Sketch offer free trials that are very helpful in picking the designing tools that suit your style.


FIGMA- co-founded by now 26-year old Thiel Fellow Dylan Field in 2013.

SKETCH- developed by the Dutch company Bohemian Coding. SKETCH was first released on 7 September 2010 for macOS. It was very popular and in 2012 it won the Apple Design Award. SKETCH is only available on Apple.


FIGMA is very similar to SKETCH when it comes to tools and how they are used.

There aren’t many significant differences between FIGMA/SKETCH and making a switch between the two should be fairly easy. One difference is the terminology used. There are different terms used in Tools sections but that shouldn’t be a problem. 


1) FIGMA, unlike SKETCH, has the teamwork component to it which is huge for UI/UX design. Teamwork is extremely important and the fact that multiple people can work on a project simultaneously makes a big difference in efficiency and time management.

2) FIGMA is browser-based making it easier for people/developers/ designers to view projects without downloading the app. 

3) There are also some design tools in FIGMA that may be considered better than the ones in SKETCH.  Grids and constraints are easy to use and allow the designs to fit on the desired platform and FIGMA offer more and better options than SKETCH.

4) FIGMA is also a very useful tool when it comes to vectors. They improve the accuracy of drawings and designs more efficiently than SKETCH although SKETCH offers this as well.

5) Although it may seem that SIGMA is miles better than SKETCH, the variety of third-party plugins that SKETCH offers makes up for it. The vast variety of third-party plugins make SKETCH a very good design tool.

So, is FIGMA better than SKETCH or does it still need time to grow? Here are my final thoughts…

FIGMA is cheaper than SKETCH and available for Mac and Windows as well, meaning it has a broader spectrum of people who are using it. 

The two are very similar when it comes to tool options and are both fairly easy to use.

Personally, SKETCH is a great design tool, but I believe FIGMA has the edge over it. Both of these are constantly improving and the differences are minor, but FIGMA has that special something that makes it more enjoyable to use. 

What do you prefer, FIGMA or SKETCH?

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts down below.

Thank you for reading.