Importance of Design Critiques

 According to Nielsen Norman Group, Design critique refers to analyzing the design and giving feedback on whether it meets its objectives.

A design critique usually manifests as a group conversation with the ultimate goal of improving a design. It does not mean simply judging a design.

Critique is important and it is impossible to improve a design without feedback from others. We always ask ourselves how to give productive design critiques. Here is a couple of rules:

  1. Identify the design owner
  2. Designate a facilitaor 
  3. Restate the project goal
  4. Ask for what you want
  5. Don’t design in the meeting
  6. Leave with a task list
  7. Go negative and positive 
  8. Write, think about it and say it

Next time I would love to talk more about this interesting topic. It’s pretty unusual to find someone who enjoys critique and I will try to explain some techniques on how to be more comfortable when you are listening critiques.

Thank you for reading!