Logo Design Process

A logo is an emblem, symbol or graphic mark that will represent your brand. It is important to use the right elements and express your creativity when making logos.

  • Get to know clients’ needs, business, and goals.
  • Exploration – It is recommended to know how colors and typography effect logos. Color theory is especially helpful for logo design. Different colors evoke different emotions and behaviors. 
  • Brainstorming  – Brainstorm and generate ideas.
  • Paper sketches – My favorite part: sketches with paper and pencil. This is the phase in which you can express your creativity to its fullest and it is important to just transfer it to paper. 
  • Design – In this phase, it is important to select a logo and design it to fit the brand. 
  • Presentation – It is crucial to know your customers and their demands. These are the 3 applications that could drag customers to your brand: business card, promotional item, and stationery design. 
  • Delivery – You will need at least one logo ready for the delivery phase. I prefer making at least three logos and deciding which one fits the best. 

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