UX Ideation Techniques

Ideation is a very important step in creating good products. Many great teams struggle with coming up with good ideas. Some of the best and most efficient methods when coming up with “the” idea are:



Challenging/questioning certain Assumptions

Brainstorming is very efficient, saves a lot of time, and can help the team come up with great ideas. 

Brainstorming is essentially just a group of people coming together and writing down their ideas, and then deciding which one could be the best. With the amount of communication brainstorming requires, many people can come up and perfect an idea. 

Prototypes can also be considered as ideas. Building/ sketching out products and then picking the best version of it can be a great way of coming up with “the” idea. 

The great thing about prototypes is that they can be as basic or as detailed as you want them to be. 

Another great way of going about ideas and choosing which one will be the best is to question everything about an idea.

It is important to define all the pros and cons of the ideas and decide which one has the most pros/least cons. When questioning a product/challenging assumptions, designers can come up with better ways of creating the product. 

All of these methods are efficient and can help teams come up with great ideas and analyze them very easily. A product is as good as the idea, so coming up with a great idea is key to a successful design.

Thank you for reading!